Aaron and Steph both have stories that could be echoed from "30-something's" all across America. They were born and raised in Christian homes, had Sunday School charts filled with perfect attendance stickers, quoted Bible verses in their sleep, and were involved in just about every ministry the church could offer.  And like many from our generation, none of this was done with hearts that were desiring to glorify God, but rather with hearts of pride, seeking their own glory and hearts of fear that didn't truly understand the gospel.  God continued to pursue their wandering hearts and in their late teenage years Aaron and Steph both gave their lives to Christ and surrendered to serve Him in ministry.

They met at Bible college and were married shortly after Aaron graduated in 2003.  Aaron continued on studying at BBC, Springfield Missouri for his masters in Biblical counseling when they found out that they were expecting their first child.  This prompted them to move back closer to Steph's family in Mason, Ohio.  Aaron started working as a manager of a bank while Steph worked as a photographer.  They were active in their church, enjoying their jobs while living close to their family, and feeling very content with their new lives...maybe too content.  It was after a mission's conference in 2007 when their contentment started turning to unease.  God started re-cultivating in their hearts their passion for ministry, which was taking them in a direction that they never imagined: missions.

The Lord continued to grow this passion and desire in Aaron and Steph's hearts to take their lives, their plans, their goals and lay them as a sacrifice to HIM.  But God wasn't just working in their lives; He had already been working in the hearts of some of their closest friends and even Steph's sister to take HIS gospel message to East Africa.  So together they began to plan, having no idea where they were headed... 


Five years after those initial meetings, much prayer, continued love and support from our church, partnership with some incredible churches, family and friends, Aaron and Steph, along with their teammate Shantelle Brutsman, their 3 little girls {Kennedy, Claire and Elliot}, and 27 suitcases, said goodbye to everyone they knew and stepped onto a plane to Tanzania.    

 "The rest of the story is yet to be written...struggling to learn a new language, trying to love new foods and a new ways of life, developing new friendships with new people in a new culture.  It's not easy and sometimes, after our first years on the field, we struggle to know why God would even want to use people like us.  But despite ourselves, we know that OUR LORD is faithful and are confident that HE who began a good work in us will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.  We feel blessed to be able to serve the Lord here in East Africa and to share the incredible news of the gospel with the people of Tanzania. "

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